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Enable Realtek VLAN settings in Windows

Today I came across to the following problem. I had to create 4 VLANs to a Dell PowerConnect 2716 web managed switch,  for my lab / testing enviroment. This was the easy part, since all I had to do was, login to web interface of the switch and assign interfaces to VLANs.

The switch was ready, the cabling was ok, but there was no connectivity from the host PC, which was a Windows 2008R2-SP1 whitebox with 3 Realtek RTL8169, RTL8168D nics. Soon I find out that it was a VLAN issue, since on VLAN1 assigned interfaces the connectivity was ok, but in any other VLANs – no connection.

The default windows drivers had no extra settings for VLANs.
The solution was the Realtek VLAN protocol driver, which is a part of Diagnostic all in one windows program. Download the file (8MB), unzip it and install at your realtek nic, the VLAN protocol driver from the path: DiagnosticAllin1(\EXE_Diagnostic\WIN7\64\RTVLANPT.

That’s it!!! The realtek nic now understands the VLANs of the Dell switch.

Realtek VLAN protocol

Realtek VLAN protocol

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  1. Marcus Woods April 23, 2014

    I downloaded the same driver but it doesn’t see my vlans. I am also using dell switches. I even tried to create vlans using the tool on my nic. Any info you want to share?

  2. master April 23, 2014

    Hi Marcus, what is your OS? Is connectivity on VLAN 1 working?

  3. Pietro April 29, 2014

    Thanks a lot, these informations were really really useful!


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